Buy to Farm.

Whenever you buy the minimum required $WHOLE, you will receive airdrops from the next 5 transactions that happen after yours!


  • Initial total supply: 30,000 WHOLE (50% presale, 50% liquidity)
  • Each transaction has a 6% fee:

Weekly Events

Event Horizon

A 24 hr community vote starting every thursday 11:P.M UTC to increase or decrease the minimum $WHOLE required to be part of the farming/airdrop slot when they trade.


To be announced.

Space Farming

During this event, 500 tokens from the Dev fees wallet are sold and bought back repeatedly until they get depleted. This gives traders a chance to get massive airdrop rewards!

Asteroid Mining

2-hour event where every 10 minutes, 5 farmers will be locked into the farming slot. They will consistently receive airdrops for next 10 minutes before the lock opens and re-locks again.

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The Moon is our Playground.

Explore an unexplored area of DeFi. We aim to set the standard for all the future DeFi protocols. buy to farm works with airdrops, simply send a buy order for the minimum amount and receive airdrops for next 5 transactions that happen on the protocol.

This is the first deflationary token that actually incentivizes trading and accelerates the deflationary property of the token! Holders will be rewarded by maximum burn while traders are rewarded with airdrops!